Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Yarn diet?

Lots of buzz around blogland these days about knitting from your stash. It's a fine idea -- lots of serious knitters have more yarn stashed than they'll use in a lifetime, but for me it's just not happening. The biggest reason -- my stash is predominately yarn I've bought (usually on sale) for projects for me. Too risky to stockpile yarn meant for others -- the daughter who once loved jewel tones is head to toe in black these days. The fuzzy mohair they loved a few years ago? Not so much now. And sure, my tastes could change a bit too, but at my age (old as dirt) I've learned what works for me as to yarn weights, fibers and colors -- thus not so many wild swings with each year's change in fashion. So, good for me, but not so good when someone else requests a handmade item -- chances are that their favorite color/fiber won't be available by stash shopping. Also, since I stockpile to suit my own taste -- well, you might notice a color trend in the photo of representative skeins from the stash. Can you guess my favorite color? Right! But maybe knitting/crocheting nothing but peach/orange sweaters could get just a wee bit tedious. So, some for now -- some for later! I probably wouldn't even have so much of one shade anyway if it weren't such a cyclical color. All colors wander in/out of fashion favor to some extent, but it seems that once the oranges fade out it takes much longer until they're back again. So, kudos to those who are yarn dieting and using up that stash. It's a good thing to make use of what you have. But as for me, well, I'll still be searching out those bargains on peach, coral and burnt orange -- hey, they could be "out" tomorrow. And meanwhile...progress continues on Khaki Cables.

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