Monday, December 3, 2007

Drum roll, please!

J'ai fini de tricoter Plissé, or words to that effect.

I am enormously happy to have finished, and quite happy that it actually fits!

Specs: Plissé by Hanne Falkenberg - purchased from Kangaroo . Color is apricot, and I used the instructions for the largest size. The only deviation from pattern was to make the sleeves a shorter length. Despite saving a wee bit of yarn on the sleeves, I ran out of yarn while half way through the final binding off. Fortunately, I have the same shade in another kit (Tivoli) in stash, so robbing Peter to pay Paul, I managed to finish. I'll worry about running out of yarn with Tivoli another day. (I'm guessing I won't be starting Tivoli any time soon.)

I wasn't willing to 'borrow' any more yarn from Tivoli, so I won't be adding the I-cord button loop at the present time. Instead, I'll use a nice little shawl pin I got from here . I've enjoyed using it with shawls, and it will work nicely for this too.

Now the big question is - what next?


Lisa said...

Beautiful job on the sweater! I love your pin (hehe, I think I have one just like it). I hope you get to wear it a lot!

*Chris* said...

Very good French Karen!
I'm glad you did manage to finish your Plissé, and as always it looks very good. We always do go through some kind of vague feeling when we finish a long project don't we?
Heh, I just finished my NaNoWriMo 2007 a week ago and it took me a while to adjust to it being over, lol. ;)
*Chris* from France

FairyGodKnitter said...

It's lovely, I like the color enough to be tempted to knit another one. Don't you wish Falkenberg was a little more generous with her yarn?

Karen said...

Thanks for the compliments, everyone! Yes indeed, I really do wish that there was just a bit more yarn in Hanne's kits -- although this is only the second time I've run out of yarn (Pygmalion being the other). Actually I'd be just as happy if it were easier to get a spare ball or two locally -- ordering kits from Europe is certainly less expensive, but it's more of a hassle to order extra (after the fact). Chris -- I'm sure that Mlle. Krajacvik (and I know I've spelled her Croatian name incorrectly) would be pleased that I've retained even the tiniest little bit of my schoolgirl French!

Alison said...

Absolutely gorgeous. Bien fait!

--AlisonH at