Sunday, May 4, 2008

In this world...

...nothing is certain but death and taxes -- or long lines at MD Sheep & Wool. Word on the street is that there was a new procedure for purchasing souvenir totes and tees this year. That may be (and there did appear to be less crowding at the registers), but it was still a long process for most. The spouse spent an hour and a half waiting to get a tote for me (and this is exactly why I keep renewing his option) but hey, totally worth it -- they had orange trimmed ones this year!

There were still long lines to buy Socks That Rock, lines for restrooms, and the usual crowded booths as the day wore on. No photos, as someone (that would be me) forgot to bring a camera this year. The fellows at the top of the post? Totally last year -- however, I feel certain that their doubles were there this year.

I came home with a few things -- some botanical dyed yarns, some Coopworth roving, a couple of Fiber Trends shawl patterns, and an ounce of bison down roving. Here's a shot of the yarn:

Nice colors, yes? Not sure what I'll make, but right now I'm enjoying just looking at them. Not much of a haul, but that's OK, I have plenty in the stash.

And so another year, another MD S&W. And Monty asks, "Hey mom, where's my sheep?"


Bethel said...

Love the colors of the yarn on the right. I am envious of your getting to go to this event. I am hoping to find one close to me in Texas or Oklahoma this next year.

Karen said...

My fave too! It's a mohair/merino blend (so feels good too) and dyed with osage, madder and cutch. Hope you can find a festival nearby -- they're lots of fun.