Saturday, May 1, 2010

I Can Stop Anytime, No Really...

Apparently I wasn't quite done with vintage sewing machines. At least it isn't a heavy cast-iron treadle machine Mr. Mingling Yarn!

Pictured is a Singer model 66 "Lotus" hand crank -- aged 100 years -- not in bad shape for such an old gal -- some cleaning, a little oiling and minor tension adjustments and she cranks out a nice straight stitch. This model was also manufactured at the Kilbowie factory in Clydebank Scotland, just like her little sis Ailsa the model 99 hand crank. Here's a closer look at the vintage lotus decals --

Attractive, yes? The mister recently asked me "So, are you a collector now?" -- and that kind of stopped me in my tracks. I suppose I might be, but really, I prefer to think of myself as a rescuer of a tiny bit of sewing history. Obviously, for me sewing is a fun past time -- I don't have to do it, I don't need to do it -- no one will go naked because I haven't sewn them up some drawers, or hungry because I didn't meet my piece work quota. So here's a snappy salute to the women (and men) who've gone before -- we value your efforts, and we'll continue to value your grand old tools!

Photos to follow of a small wall quilt I'm working on -- it was pieced on the (99) hand crank, and quilting was treadled on the "Red Eye", and just as soon as it's bound I'll be proud to show off my latest "people powered" effort. Go Green!


Mary Sarah said...

What a pretty machine! I see no reason to stop!

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