Thursday, June 9, 2011

Catching Up

Humming along, getting things done, but not as much time to post. Here are a couple of projects, one knit, one crochet, that have made it into the Finished pile.

First up -- Ribby Shell from the wonderful Bonne Marie Burns at Chic Knits . Yarn is Sahara from Stacy Charles, color 'citrus' -- a closeout from Elann. I'm a big fan of the Chic Knits line, and this is the best fitting shell I've ever made.

Next, how about a little crochet love?

This is Diamond Sweater from the British crochet magazine Inside Crochet. Yarn used was Silk City Fibers Soft Stretch -- a 96% cotton/4% Elite blend in the color "beach". This one was modified from the original pattern somewhat. I'm not a big fan of straight-across boat necks, so I did a little shaping on the neckline. Also shortened the sleeves just a bit. I worked the front/back as separate pieces since I wanted side vents at the bottom hem -- of course, I could have joined them later and worked in the round, but I was steaming along nicely by then and didn't. I really enjoyed working with this yarn -- I don't know if it's widely (or even still) available, but it's a nice, light cotton and stretch blend that crocheted like a dream. And, since it's on a cone, it really cut down on ends to work in. Not sure how it would be categorized as to yarn type (i.e. fingering, DK, etc.) but it's a fairly light 1600 yards per pound. I had a 2.15 pound cone, and used a little over 9 ounces for this sweater, so this yarn will be turning up again!

There's sewing too -- but that's for later -- much too hot here for posing/changing/photographing.


Sophia said...

They both look awesome! The Diamond Sweater especially looks wonderful on you, you have great style.

Karen said...

Sophia -- You are such a sweetie! Good to have you back from Trieste.

TCC Designs said...

I really like the diamond sweater, looks great on you. Cool that you were able to do alterations and it worked.