Saturday, March 31, 2012

...and more sewing

Or, one photo, two sewn garments. We're all about economy here at Mingling Yarn.

Both patterns are from Style Arc -- I absolutely LOVE that pattern company! Great personalized service, and did I mention -- the patterns actually fit me with very little tweaking. The top was the free (with purchase) pattern for this month -- Amy Knit Top. It's sewn in a rayon/Lycra blend. An alternate view shows the top tied at the sides -- not my best look, but the multi-level hem gives a different look too. Quick and easy to sew, and I really like the cowl neckline.

The pants are Willow -- a slim, cigarette style pant. They're made from a poly/Lycra blend from Fabric Mart , which they describe as a "microfaille". This was a recent selection from Julie's Picks, so I'm not sure if it's still available. These are most definitely a slimmer pant. Darts in front/back, side seam zip, no pockets, slit on the outside lower leg seam. I forgot to do my usual leg length shortening on these (when I first made them) and boy, that was NOT a good look! I really think these look better when they hit the ankle without any folds or puddling in the length. I was concerned about the close fit, so made another pair adding a scootch more room in the hip area, and keeping the legs as they were. I'm not sure if my scootch was more of a sco-o-o-tch, or whether the different fabric I used made a difference, but those could have been just a bit tighter. Both pairs are certainly wearable though, so I guess now I have options -- skinny day/chubby day!

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