Friday, November 2, 2012

Fe, Fi, Faux...

...fur, that is.  It seems to be all around this season, so how about a little faux fur collar to add some zip to a sweater?

Some leftover scraps from a pillow, and Butterick pattern 5727, a nifty hint from the latest issue of Altered Couture, and voila!

The pattern calls for fabric ties, which are sewn into the collar.  That's perfectly fine, but a little limiting, style-wise.  Perhaps you don't want a floppy tie or bow, or maybe you'd like to coordinate the color to something else in your wardrobe.  Well, now you can -- thanks to a hint from the article "Nifty Thrifting" by Tracy Schultz in the Aug/Sep/Oct 2012 issue of Altered Couture.  Instead of sewing those ties, simply sew ribbon stays onto the back of the lined collar, and then -- presto, change-o, run a scarf of your choice through the bands and tie.  Here's a shot of the back of the collar --

How clever is that?  Now you can switch out scarves or ribbons to your heart's content.  Like so --

Of course, maybe you don't want any type of tie at all.  No worries, you could also simply sew a hook and eye to the collar's edge.

These work up really quickly, and use very little fabric.  Might even be a quick, simple gift idea for someone on your holiday list.  One other little hint I'll leave you with -- the pattern has a center back seam.  The pattern instructions would have you sew the center back seam in the fur, sew the center back seam in the lining fabric, then sew the two pieces together -- leaving an opening along an edge for turning the collar right side out.  That would certainly work, however, I find it easier (when hand sewing the small opening closed) to leave an opening in the center back seam of the lining fabric instead.  Actually, I only sew about an inch of that seam on either side and leave the rest open.  Then, simply sew around the entire edge when you've placed the fur and lining together.  That way, your hand stitching is lining fabric to lining fabric -- plus it's hidden underneath the collar.  The other way, you'd be stitching faux fur to lining fabric along a more noticeable outer edge. 

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Great idea and great tips! Thanks for sharing.