Sunday, December 16, 2012

Too Cute

I think even Scrooge would agree -- these are seriously cute!

The recipe is HERE    If this link is wonky, they are from the 12/12/2012 issue of The Washington Post.

Things I learned that may help someone else -- place the chocolate chips with the pointed side down -- don't place the ears too far apart, they could fall out -- use a nice long noodle for the tail, you will have breakage, especially if they travel -- try really hard to find (already) sliced almonds, it is very difficult to slice whole almonds cleanly.

I only changed one thing in the recipe -- I used a yolk-sized dollop of cream cheese in place of the egg yolk, since I made a half recipe to test it and didn't want to be bothered trying to divide one egg yolk --  it worked just fine.   If I were to make them again (and I will) I would consider using white string for the tail.  The children I would bake them for are mature enough to know not to eat the string, plus I grew up eating sugar mice with string tails and survived -- but you know your own audience and the responsibility rests with you, so...  Bonus points?  Not only are these cute, but they taste good too!

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