Saturday, January 19, 2013


...I took a little break -- ah, how refreshing!

But now it's a new year, with new things to accomplish.  I've been enjoying all the "resolutions" type posts around the 'net, but not going to go there myself.  I often wish I was more productive, or at least produced things that actually work together -- collections, if you will -- but the plain fact is that I do this (sewing, knitting, crochet, whatever) for fun, not necessity.  So, fun will often lead me down impractical paths -- but it's a lot more enjoyable than having "shoulds" and "have to" hanging over my head.  Which brings me to --

Hats!  Love them, and am trying to make them more a part of my daily life, and now I seem to have a need to actually make them.  You've seen the sewn ones I've done recently, but now I'd like to try actually molding one on a form.  I'm hoping I come out with something wearable from this --

a hat form
A wool felt "hood"
                          and this --

Not too keen on working with toxic chemicals, so I'm going to try a gelatin sizing.  That might make for some interesting hair should I get caught in the rain, but it's probably better than going mad as a hatter.  I'll be using the book Hats, by Sarah Cant for some guidance.  It doesn't 'seem' to be terribly complicated, but we'll see what choice words I'm saying when I'm smack dab in the middle of it!
Updates as I go along, but now it's time to fire up the steamer!


working a little red bowler

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