Tuesday, January 2, 2007

New beginnings...

A brand new year seems to call out for a brand new project, no? So despite the piles of WIPS I felt compelled to cast on something new -- Pattern is from the latest issue of Knitters (called Khaki Cables, I think). I was surprised to find several things in this issue that I would consider making, as I have been very disappointed in recent issues of Knitters. I'll be changing the closure -- it features an I-cord knitted frog closure, but I think the person I'm knitting this for would prefer something more streamlined -- a separating zipper, perhaps? The yarn I'm using is a house brand from Webs -- Amherst, a merino yarn. It's ultra soft, and delightful to knit with -- I expect there may be pilling issues with wear, but I think the feel of this will be well worth a little maintenance. It seems to be the latest thing for online yarn retailers to carry their own brand -- Elann, KnitPicks, Webs, and now Patternworks. Most of it seems to be coming from Peru -- hmmm, wonder if it's all from the same mill?


caryl said...

Karen, Could I get the ISBN for Knitting Patterns Book 250? maybe that way I could find it on YesAsia.


Karen said...

The ISBN is 4-529-04176-X. HTH