Friday, February 23, 2007


...or, why can't I stick with one project?

This just jumped on the needles while I should have been finishing up the Sea Silk scarf --

It's the Heartbeat Sweater from Just One More Row and it's actually looking rather heart-like in the photo. This particular design is knit multi-directionally -- the vee shaping in the photo is the vee-neckline of the top. Right now I'm working on one of the shoulders. I've always enjoyed this type of knitting -- I think that's part of the reason I'm a big fan of Hanne Falkenberg's designs -- and so far it's been a fun knit. It remains to be seen how it will fit -- there's always something to spoil the fun, isn't there?


Rebecca said...

I love starting projects too, a lot more than finishing them! That sweater looks pretty neat - what yarn are you using? Is that the one they are considering for the AK KAL?

Karen said...

Yes, that's the one being done by AK -- start date March 15 I believe? The yarn is 'Nicole' by Lana Grossa -- a linen/rayon/acrylic/wool blend -- most likely discontinued, as I purchased it through I'll probably post a closeup view when it's done; it's an interesting yarn.