Monday, March 12, 2007

Beaten down by geometry...

...or how the HeartBeat sweater became the heartbreak sweater.

The latest project was the HeartBeat Sweater from www.justonemorerow. The premise of the design is that you knit out from the center to whatever size you wish. Any size yarn (although it is noted that worsted weight works well), knit to your own (suitable for the yarn) gauge -- sounds like a really neat premise, yes?

In fact it IS a neat premise, and it IS a perfectly fine design, but knit to any size? Well, maybe not so much. Because here, my friends, is where geometry rears its ugly head.

See the neckline? See how it's just a wee bit wide? Like the Grand Canyon is just a wee bit wide? Well, blame ol' Pythagoras -- because the way the sweater is knit, as you widen the body that right angle neckline is just hypotenusing away. Man, I really should have paid more attention to my high school geometry instructor instead of to the cute guys sitting right behind me! Ah well, file it under live and learn.


Morandia said...

from the looks of the neckline, you could insert a small triangle on each side of the neckline to close it in.... does that make sense?

Karen said...

I understand what you mean, Morandia, but I'm not sure that I'd like how that would look. I just may play around with the idea, though, so thanks for the thought!