Saturday, March 17, 2007

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off...

...start something new. The heartbroken Heartbeat sweater is taking a little time out while I decide whether it's better to add even more neckline edging, or simply set it free to find a new owner with broad shoulders -- so, time for something completely different.

I'm using a new (to me) yarn to experiment further with shaping in crochet. Once again I'm using the Lily Chin method of photocopying actual stitch swatches and outlining the shaping directly on the photocopies in order to have smooth shaping transitions. It isn't "automatic" -- you still need to think about (and sometimes re-do) areas of shaping for best results -- but it is a great help in visualising just what you need to stitch. The yarn is Longmeadow -- a house brand from Webs -- and I'll do a short review when I've finished the design. I'm hoping that the finished garment will be a bolero-type coverup with short sleeves, meant as a light layer over sleeveless summer tops. As envisioned (at the moment) it will have sleeves done in a different stitch pattern. probably a simple net stitch, and some type of simple edging (which hasn't been determined yet). It's not meant for a particular person, which is liberating insofar as sizing is concerned, but the experimental nature of it means that there is great potential for, well, failure is such an ugly word -- let's just say there is great potential for having another 'learning experience.'

Here's a closeup of the stitch -- from a Japanese stitch compendium -- which reminds me a bit of fleur de lis, although I suppose it could look somewhat 'tulip-y' also.

It's really very liberating to be new enough at a craft to not have any grand expectations as far as results. If it works -- good, if it doesn't, well, you've learned something for the next time. Helps keep everything fun and light, I think.

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Jude said...

Don't give up yet on your "Heartbreak sweater!" I had the same problem and I thinkI found a way to fix it and it is comming out pretty nicely. I wrote about it on my Blog ( The previous posts have a picture of the sweater without the fix. So you can see the difference. I think you could blend this idea into the edging for the collar.
Let me know if you try it and if you need any help with it.