Wednesday, April 25, 2007

America's Next Top Model?

Joining hard working DressForm Model at Mingling Yarn is -- PlasticFoot.

She comes to us from Gershel Bros. and looks forward to a long career modeling socks. Truth be told, I really was hoping to book FullLeg Model, but common sense (and some serious eye rolling from the spouse) resulted in my hiring PF. I still think FullLeg would be an excellent addition to my sewing room decor though.

Right now PF is showing off the first sock (of two, hopefully) from The Yarn Yard's hand-dyed sock yarn in Marmalade Swoop. A slipped stitch cable runs down the upper leg and partially over the top of the foot. Trying to be clever, I thought to have the individual cables end at different points on the foot -- forming a Vee-shaped design -- but frankly it doesn't show that well, so I needn't have bothered. Worked top down, with a standard heel flap/gusset/Dutch (or square) heel. For those interested, the stitch pattern is a multiple of 5 stitches -- worked over 4 rounds, with the stitch count changing on round 1. Because every fourth round has fewer stitches, the pattern will be slightly snugger than a comparable plain rib. I also make sure to divide for the heel flap on a row that has the full complement of stitches.

  • Round 1 -- *P2, slip 1, k2, pass slipped stitch over K2; repeat from *
  • Round 2 -- *P2, k1, yo, k1; repeat from *
  • Round 3 -- *P2, k3, repeat from *
  • Round 4 -- repeat round 3
Repeat rounds 1-4.

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hakucho said...

Very pretty sock!! I love the colorway :)

happy knitting :)