Sunday, April 29, 2007

Stringin' along

There are few things I dislike as much as those flimsy plastic bags we get our groceries in these days. They are barely strong enough to get things home from the market without tearing, and even if you do re-use them they still are going to end up in a landfill somewhere. And there's no getting around the fact that as an American (US variety) I'm already using way too much of the earth's resources. What to do? Well, lots of things, but it would help to be more mindful of how disposable our lives have become and try to change that. Here's one baby step...

The pattern is available here. The yarn is leftover Tahki Cotton Classic, perhaps a bit nicer than the yarn called for in the pattern, but using what I had works better than running out to buy more, yes? The little facecloth underneath the string bag isn't going to cut down on using a disposable product, but it is finding a use for a subscription "freebie" (yeah, right!) from the folks at Rowan. And for those who use such things -- the Rowan 'handknit cotton' makes an attractive little facecloth. The rest of it will most likely go towards another string bag.

In the interest of journalistic fairness -- it has been pointed out to me that I may have exaggerated the level of eyerolling indulged in by the spouse when confronted by PlasticFoot Model. (And no, I'm not missing the irony of blogging about string bags right after purchasing a plastic foot.) Anyway, it wasn't "serious" eyerolling, OK? He may have twitched a little though.

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