Friday, May 11, 2007

Anny Blatt, who knew?

I was leafing through a vintage crochet booklet the other day -- Crocheted Blouses with a French Accent, copyright 1939 -- when I noticed several patterns were designed by Anny Blatt. I'd never given much thought to whether there was an actual person named Anny Blatt, but apparently there was.

According to the pattern leaflet, she was a contemporary of Schiaparelli and DeWar with her own Parisian design studio.

"So from Paris, in crisp, tissue paper wrappings came the models which we copied for you, and our talented young American designers took up the challenge for fresh blouse ideas, too. So it's new blouses for old, for the woman who recognizes that crocheting and fashion go hand in hand."

"pretty, pretty" size 14 - bust 33 inches, (84 cm.)

"Madame President" size 16 - bust 36 inches (91 cm.)

"Chevron" size 16 - bust 35.5 inches, (90 cm.)

For a look at more vintage crochet, both fashion and home decor, visit The Antique Pattern Library. This site has PDF downloads of many antique patterns -- lovely to view, even if you never attempt them.

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Miss Beta said...

Hello! :-)
This leaflet is absolutely wonderful. I want to make "pretty pretty" blouse soon. Please tell me something if you could help me, what size is this leaflet (magazine)? I bought it a digital version and the quality is so poor that I can hardly read it :-(

Thank you xx