Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Another opening, another show...

Looks like this will most definitely be the Spring/Summer of Crochet around here. I'm sure I'll knit again, but right now I think I'll concentrate on developing the crochet skills.

And here's the latest project:

And a closeup of the bottom portion:

I'm "winging it" somewhat with this particular garment -- we'll see how that works out for me! It will be an openwork cardigan with mesh sleeves. Haven't decided how to edge/fasten the fronts -- right now I'm thinking a simple tie at the lower edge of the vee neck, but I have some nice vintage buttons and I may just use one of those. I would be repeating myself with a one button closure again, but that seems like a good idea for a cover up meant for warmer weather. The yarn is Brown Sheep Cotton Fine, the hook I'm using is a US size E (3.5mm). The lower stitch pattern is from a Japanese stitch guide -- I turned it upside down so that I could have a scalloped bottom edge. The top portion is a simple shell stitch, and the three-quarter length sleeves will be mesh stitch edged with a flared version of the bottom pattern.

If the fronts seem a little lopsided in the photo -- they are. Haven't done the back yet, so had to resort to tape to keep them on the form and they're a little wonky. I didn't want to risk running afoul of Blogger by displaying only one front -- that would have exposed some white plastic boobage. Think I'm being silly? Well, I once had a photo tossed off of Webshots -- that one was a tank top "worn" by DressForm Model. Now you or I might not think that her grey fabric shell was displaying too much cleavage, but the folks at Webshots were taking no chances. In fairness, I guess she is a bit of a hussy!

At any rate, it's moving right along and I can't wait to see how it ends up. That's part of the fun of 'designing' my own stuff -- I never quite know how it's all going to work together until I'm done. I hope for the best, but I'm always ready to rip!

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Mary said...

Your cardigan is looking great! Love the design. Can't wait to see the finished product!