Thursday, May 17, 2007

A tale of two containers

I had hoped to have photos of a completed cardigan today, but a sleeve re-do has pushed that back for a while.

So, let's talk stash containment--

I love the appearance of organization (keyword: appearance) so I'm always on the lookout for attractive ways to store the yarn that inevitably finds its way here, like ants find sugar. So when someone on one of my online lists mentioned fabric-covered storage boxes with clear 'windows' available at Lowe's I had to check it out. They sounded very much like boxes I had bought from holdeverything (which I understand is now kaput) but at $11.88 were much less than I paid for the originals. In fact, they appear to be a direct knock off of the holdeverything boxes -- same size, same clear window, same trim style and color.

Storage box from Lowe's on the right -- holdeverything box on the left.

Now, I expect I paid a premium just for the holdeverything brand (they were part of the Williams-Sonoma juggernaut) but they are a nicer box. Better fabric, smaller stitches, thicker plastic, firmer inner supports. However, did I mention that the boxes at Lowe's are $11.88?

So, I'll keep those nice, sturdy holdeverything closet boxes for heavy duty sweater storage, but for yarn? Well, I think the boxes from Lowe's will do just fine. Certainly they put the plastic and cardboard currently in the sewing room to shame. And did I mention that they are only $11.88? Sweeeeet.

So a couple or three may have found their way here -- you know, like ants to sugar.


Jude said...

Great Idea!! I may have to get to Lowes to get some. I've been using those plastic zip bags that blankets come in, but they do not stack so they basically get everywhere. Oh, did I mention, Are you kidding.......11.88? WOW.

Karen said...

Hmmm, then maybe I should mention that there's a smaller version for $8.88? Those, however, are for baby-steps stashers!