Wednesday, June 27, 2007

...and voila!


  • Leaf Lace pattern from Fiber Trends
  • yarn - Sea Wool from Fleece Artist, 70%merino, 30% sea cell
  • used approximately 120g.
  • dimensions - 54 inches wide, 27 long
  • 8mm glass beads added to edging

And a close up --

I wanted a smaller shawl, so I didn't block too aggressively; it could, in fact, be blocked larger. After a short soak in Eucalan the yarn felt even softer. Not too much dye was given up, but the water was just the slightest tint of blue. Although both skeins of Sea Wool were from the same batch (not really sure if hand-dyed yarn can have dye lots)the second skein had a noticeably lighter patch. I tried to use it as a quasi "border" at the very end, and used the other end of the ball to do the final edging and bind off. Hopefully it will look like more of a planned color change this way, but frankly, I just don't expect uniformity with hand-dyed. All in all I'm pleased with how it turned out -- it was a quick, fun knit and I like the results.


Paula said...

If you hadn't told us, I would have never known you had not purchased the yarn and planned that border. I absolutely LOVE this shawl! Beautiful job!!

Karen said...

Thanks, Paula. Sometimes luck is as good as skill, no? It's really lovely yarn, now I would like to find a little something to do with the leftover 80g.

AlisonH said...

Use big needles relative to the yarn, several sizes larger than what you did that shawl in. Cast on 15, or 21 if you have enough yarn. Do two repeats, or three if you have enough, of BW's Little Arrowhead Lace, with one extra stitch added to each edge to solidify it. Repeat till you run out of yarn. Makes a small scarf, what my mom calls a "yarn necklace." No sense in letting yarn that pretty just sit there, right?

And yes, that border is striking and that shawl is absolutely gorgeous. Well done!

Karen said...

Good idea, Alison. You're right, it's much too pretty to just sit there!