Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sandy Cardigan, thisclose to being done...

...and if our local Joann's fabric store had a decent selection of separating zippers it would be done.

Since it doesn't, I'm waiting for an Internet order to arrive. What? You don't remember Sandy needing a separating zipper? You're right, the pattern calls for forming the I-cord border into button loops and sewing about 9 buttons down the front. I decided to go for a more streamlined look, hence the zip.

So, my thoughts on Sandy -- Well, to be honest, I'm relieved to be done. That's a lot of garter stitch, baby! The fit isn't as refined as I would like, which may sound strange since it's customized to some of your own measurements, but I think it could be tweaked for an even more precise fit. And an apology is in order -- despite my previous comment to the contrary you can customize the waistline depth. There is information about this in a separate highlighted panel on another page. So, sorry! I managed to change it myself, but I'm still not 100% happy with my placement.

The necessity for so many math calculations (and the many errors in this section) make this a pattern requiring great attention to detail, but being almost all garter, the knitting itself is not difficult. There were certain parts of the pattern when I found myself going "huh?". I'd like to think some details could have been expressed more clearly, but perhaps it was a comprehension problem on my part.

Things I changed -- the fastening, where I began waist shaping on the side panel, where I ended the side panel and began my sleeve cap, and the width of the upper sleeve. I went higher up the side, and did a few more decreases in an effort to get a closer fit in that area of the sleeve, but it's still too wide for my taste. Not unwearably wide, but bulkier than I would like.

I'm puzzled by the designer's intention for the back of the collar. Is it meant to fold over, or just stand up? No photo of the back of the garment, and from photos of the front it almost looks like it doesn't come up in back at all -- but since the model's hair covers up a lot...Well, who knows? Curiously, the diagram accompanying the pattern doesn't even show the back panels being straight across, but rather it appears to be slanted as the front panels are -- contrary to the written directions.

So, will I wear it? Yes, but I don't see it becoming a wardrobe staple that I reach for time and again. It did use up a killer amount of stash yarn though, so bonus points for that! I'll try for a better photo (maybe even on a real body) post-zip installation.


Monique said...

You can contact Emma Crew (the designer) to see if she can give any suggestions. Her LiveJournal is

Oh, and here's a pic of a friend of hers modeling the cardigan before it was shipped off:

Hope that helps. Emma's a fantastic lady (& amazing designer)!

MollyKnits said...

Your sweater looks wonderful.

Karen said...

Monique -- thanks for the link to the photo of the back. It appears from that photo that it is meant to stand up in the back. I don't think I'll be doing anything further with the sweater once I've sewn in the zip, but thanks for the suggestion to contact the designer. Actually though, most of my concerns are how I would tweak the fit for my body, and since I won't be re-knitting any rate, I appreciate your comments! Yours too, Mollyknits!

Vivian said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I like the way Noro creates the big color stripes on your Sandy. Hope you get the zipper soon and can post a picture with yourself in it :-)

And I love your cute little doggie!

Karen said...

Its awesome I want it!