Saturday, August 25, 2007

Zip -a-dee-do-dah

As promised, even though it's a sweltering summer day and I would prefer to be doing almost anything other than wearing a heavy sweater, here's a shot of Sandy post-zip

And here's a shot of the back that I think might illustrate exactly why the back neckline bothers me (plus how chunky the upper sleeves are) --

Actually, one of the shots taken (but not shown here) really brought home to me an important detail in fitting for me. That is, despite the fact that I am a bit above average in height (5 ft. 7 inches) and carrying more weight than I should, my clothing needs to be adjusted to 'petite' proportions. I know, I know, we all think of petite sizing as being for short, little bitty tiny folk, but I've come to realize that in fitting clothing 'petite' refers to our length-wise proportions (length of torso, length of legs, depth of rise, etc.) I may have plenty of height, but apparently it's mostly in my legs, not torso. You'd think that years of trying to find slacks that have the proper rise for my figure would have clued me in, but some lessons take a while to learn. Back to the drawing board!


Joan said...

That's really a beautiful sweater. I love garter stitch. You look very nice in it.

Rosie said...

I love the colors and the diagonal construction. I agree with the "petite" comment. I tend to make all my things too long too, and since I'm only 5' 2" I don't have any excuse.

I always make my sleeve very close fitting (almost 0% ease) at the top. It cuts down on the excess fabric that tends to collect under the arms.

Great job on the sweater and putting in a zipper (shudder).

Karen said...

Thanks, Joan -- hope the shoulder (and now the foot too, yikes!) is doing better. Rosie -- no shuddering needed, it's fairly easy to put a zip in by hand. Now, doing it by machine would really give me nightmares. Can't even imagine the pain of trying to re-do that if you make one tiny little mis-step. Will definitely be reducing fabric in future sleeves -- ironically I took out about an inch on this one, but obviously not enough.

FugueStateKnits said...

I think it looks wonderful - and when you are out in the cold weather with a turtle neck under it, I don't think the neckline will be a problem - and you'll be grateful for more room in the sleeves!
Lovely job - really admire your choice of colors! The jacket suits you well!
Take care,
Joan G still trying to finish up the Cables & Os sweater

Anna (wordsmith) said...

I can see why you're not happy with the neck and the back panels; that does kind of bunch up around the nape. Is there a reason you aligned the striped panels in the back so the arrow faces upward as opposed to the downward-facing arrow in the front? It appears to me as if that might have been the cause of the neck issues, but I could be wrong. :)

Beautiful job, though--the zipper looks great and when I get around to finishing mine, I may just zipper it. :)

Karen said...

Thanks, Joan G -- you may be right, but I still wish I had taken another inch or so away from the sleeves! Anna -- the panels are the same whether the stripes point up or down, so I don't think that's causing any neck problems. I liked the way the stripes ran the same way (downward) as the vee-neck in the front, but for the back I reversed them so I wouldn't have an arrow pointing to my derriere!

Sande Francis said...

You did a lovely job on this sweater, but the neck/shoulder area is obviously too large for your frame. I wonder if you cannot take it in a bit at the shoulder seams? I love garter st and I think this sort of style would look pretty good on me. Where is the pattern from?

Karen said...

Thanks, Sande. At this point I don't think I want to fuss with it anymore - but it does point out to me that I need to pay attention to shaping in that area in everything I make. The pattern is from Big Girl Knits by Amy Singer and Jillian Moreno (hope I got their names right - book is not nearby).