Monday, October 15, 2007

Crawling Along...

...and heading towards my second long, dark night of the soul (talking 'bout sleevage, my friends).

Of course, if I actually devoted myself to Plissé it just might go a bit faster. I must confess though -- I've been unfaithful. To Plissé that is -- rest assured if I'm ever tempted spousal-ly you absolutely won't read about it here! Salacious details to follow --


Lisa said...

It looks fantastic. Keep on going!

How many balls have you used so far? For my Plisse, I ordered two extra balls just in case I run out. And based on current calculations, I would only have 1.5 balls left for the entire skirt. That doesn't seem enough, so hopefully the extra yarn will be a good colour match. There don't seem to be dyelots, do there?

Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.

Karen said...

Lisa -- You are a clever girl to get extra from the start. I 'think' my next ball will be number 4, but I haven't been paying strict attention. I do have 2 more balls available -- not really extra, as they are in the Tivoli kit I have stashed, but at least I could use them if needed. (Thereby postponing the problem of getting more!) As for dyelots -- I don't think that is a problem with this yarn. I had to order more when I made Pygmalion, and didn't notice any difference. Good luck with yours!