Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Twice As Cozy

I liked the way my prototype neck cozy turned out, so I decided to see how it would look in another yarn choice. I had some Berroco Foliage on hand, so went with that.

This particular yarn has long runs of color, and I like the way that the 'woven' stitch works with the color variegation. I departed from the previously published instructions by working more rows (17) and placing the buttonholes on rows 5 and 13 -- the pattern is worked with one strand of Foliage. Instead of working sc along the short (outermost) end, I did some simple picots. Here's a shot that may show the stitch pattern a bit better:

The thick and thin nature of the yarn gives the longer edges a somewhat scalloped effect, which also works to the cozy's advantage, I think. I used just a bit more than one ball for the cozy, and will have enough of the second ball left to do the brim of a hat. Although I didn't find any olive wood buttons (like the $297 retail scarf this pattern is designed to mimic), and the Berroco Foliage is certainly not bulky cashmere, it's a fun little accessory. I could see this being a nice, quick gift for those to whom you'd like to give a little something during the holiday season.


Vashti Braha said...

I love it Karen! Great job! You've inspired me to use my odd balls of thick special yarns.

Mary Sarah said...

I love the design and the new colors of the yarn! Very cool!

Paula said...

Karen - I've been computer-less for the past week (oh, the horror!) and am just now catching up. Love both the scarf patterns you've shared - the crochet version of the little vintage "tabby" and the WOW expensive cashmere. Gosh, I'll bet one could go out and purchase enough pure cashmere, very fancy buttons and still feel frugal in comparison. :-) Thanks for the patterns!

Karen said...

Thanks everyone -- always enjoy a little quick project that looks good. Paula mentions the cost of making one in the original cashmere -- I believe the yarn the manufacturer uses is Supercashmere from SchoolProducts in NYC -- $55 per 81 yard (74 m.) ball -- pricey, but still, bulky cashmere, what a treat!

Perry said...

You've inspired me-- both with the pidge and the tabbed scarf. I'm making these for everyone on my holiday list. Love the blue one!