Saturday, January 19, 2008


The spouse has been a football fan for just about forever. His team of choice? The New York football Giants. Big Blue. The G-Men.

Now, as any true sports fan knows, there are some teams that make it more challenging to be a fan. They take you to dizzying heights one week and plunge into the abyss the next. They beat Goliaths, then lose to Goobers. They can lead by a million points, then lose in the final seconds. Want to see a grown man cry? Whisper the name "Pisarcik". Such a team needs fans with nerves of steel, a strong constitution and an unlimited supply of faith.

So, I'm knitting away last week on a new pair of socks for this guy and it hits me -- this yarn is Giants blue! Or close enough. I'll get these done in time for the big game. They can be his lucky socks!

It will be a tough challenge for Big Blue tomorrow. Skill, determination and grit will be needed, although a touch of sock-ly magic won't hurt either. But regardless of the outcome, one fan will have warm, toasty toes, and next year...?

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Anonymous said...

Looks more like New England Patriots blue. *grin*

Enjoy your blog-- thanks!