Thursday, February 7, 2008

Blue Curacao

Or, in my case copper Curacao.

I had a few balls of the ONline Metallic leftover from making the Sera Lace Top (from Interweave Crochet), so I decided to see if I could get this shawl out of the remainder -- and I came really, really close! However, a ball with about 6 knots (I stopped counting after four) and another with yards and yards of snagged (or perhaps just mis-spun) yarn did me in. So, I left out the penultimate row -- still looks pretty good, I think.

The pattern is from Amazing Lace by Doris Chan. What is really amazing is that this is the fourth design I've made using Ms. Chan's patterns -- guess I must like them! There were a couple of errors (I believe) in this pattern, but nothing really earth-shattering -- row 10 has an extra ch 3 in the directions, and there is a discrepancy between the written instructions and the chart for the final edging row. Because I left out the next-to-the-last row I had to do a little creative fudging on the last row, but again, nothing major.

I think I may make this pattern again, next time using a yarn that is closer in weight, texture, etc. to the yarn called for. It was a fun project, and went rather quickly.


dianne said...

saw your post on CP. WOW this is gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

hi, from I just viewed your 'Blue Curacao shawl and I would like to know how I can get the pattern as I can't afford to purchase it. thank you its beautiful.