Saturday, April 12, 2008

One Is The Loneliest Number...

...especially for a sock. No matter, one is what I have, and one is what I'm showing while waiting for there to be more progress on the Kimono Ribbon Soft Serve.

I'm using a yarn I have not previously tried -- from Claudia's Hand Painted Yarns, which is a nice merino yarn (probably Gems, though I'm not entirely sure). The colorway I bought is called "Santa Fe", and it's a nice blend of coral, gold and indigo -- the sample shown on her website is much paler than the yarn I used, but that's the nature of hand-dyed, I guess. While I absolutely LOVE the colors, I'm not terribly fond of the way the pattern developed over the sock -- I really like the pointillist effect that you usually get from Koigu (and probably some others), but wide zig zags -- not so much. Of course, the way the pattern plays out is affected by stitch count, stitch pattern, etc., so I could have had a little more control over it by making different choices, but this was a "travel" sock, so I wanted to keep it simple. I prefer the way the heel looks, so perhaps if I use this type of hand-dyed yarn again I'll do something with a slip stitch.

For now though I'll continue on to the second sock done in the same K2P2 ribbing, and consider a more intricate pattern for another time.

Still working on the Soft Serve, but progress has slowed due to wallpaper stripping -- ooh, what fun! (that was sarcasm, kids). Fortunately, it's a small room (guest bathroom), but man, that stuff is really stuck on. The spouse thought he could avoid helping by mentioning how much he "loved" the wallpaper, but sadly -- when it comes to home decorating -- he doesn't live in a democracy. Onward!


Mary Sarah said...

The sock is fantastic! Great work! Good luck with wallpaper stripping. Oh what fun! Just keep telling yourself it'll look great when it's done. Does that help?

Karen said...

Right, Mary Sarah -- eyes on the prize!