Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The yoke's on me...

...or it would be if I had more of this yarn -- let me explain.

I like to swatch out various motifs, and was playing with this one:

a simple, 3 round (row) star shape. I liked the looks of it, so decided to try to make some more, and attach them to one another as I went (a technique that is pictured in the Japanese motif book I have). That seemed to work fairly well, but as I added more and more motifs I noticed that they could be joined into a circle to make a yoke, like this:

I thought it looked pretty good, although you lose the effect of the picot points when you join them that way. With a little more crocheting, I ended up with this:

and from this point I think it would be fairly easy to work down the center portion of the top and bottom of the yoke to end up with a cute little summer top. I was thinking something with angled (raglan type) armhole shaping. Too bad though, I really don't have enough leftover yarn to see how that would work out. You never know though, perhaps I'll find some fabric in the stash that would work -- you just never know!



Mary Sarah said...

What a clever idea! Keep going ... I'd love to see how it turns out!

Karla said...

That looks really nice. I hope you get to work on it again and see where it takes you.