Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Life Is Just So-Sew

No knitting, no crocheting, but the needles have been flying. I'm taking a little break from mingling yarn, and doing a little fabric wrangling instead.

A light summer 'jacket' sewn from an interesting eyelet fabric from an OOP Vogue (Adri) pattern. Here's a closeup of the fabric --

Nicely ventilated for summer, no?

Also completed, a bunch of knit fabric tank tops, and a Jalie tee-shirt. Miracle of miracles, they all fit -- what a high!

In honor of such amazing success, I'd like to pay tribute to my sewing muse, Jill.

Jill and I go way back, and she is the reason I first starting putting needle to fabric, since keeping her in fashionable frocks was putting a big dent in my spending money. So out came Granny's scrap box and I set to work on producing clothes that would be right at home on any of today's hip runways -- right down to the raw edges, whacked out seams and 'interesting' choice of fabrics! Still, it was fun, and kept me out of my grandmother's hair for hours at a time, in addition to starting a lifelong love affair with fabric and fiber of all types.

Sadly, this particular Jill is not my original -- who, I hope, found happiness with another little girl and is not a bottom layer in the town dump in Hot Springs, Arkansas -- although they could be twins. For anyone else out there with clutter-phobic grandparents, here's a hint: you can always find your childhood for sale on EBay!

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Lesalicious said...

I like the shirt came out nicely done. OMG the fabric is great. Cute.