Friday, July 11, 2008

Peachy Keen

As I see it, home vegetable/fruit gardeners go through four distinct phases, and I'm not talking spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Phase 1: We have no peaches, but we're eagerly looking forward to that first juicy bite.

Phase 2: We have a few peaches, and wow -- they are sure tasty!

Phase 3: We have more peaches than any human could possibly eat, freeze, can, or cook -- help!

Phase 4: We have no peaches -- thank you (insert deity of choice here)!

We are now at phase 3 with peaches, potatoes and garlic. The string beans, squash and tomatoes are on the horizon and I'm trying to stay strong.

It's not all fruit and veg though. Got a new Japanese knitting/crochet book recently and I've started another project.

This issue of the "Let's Knit" series has a nice mix of knitting and crochet styles for spring and summer. Here's the one I'm making --

And here's what it looks like in the yarn (Elann Camila) that I'm using --

That's the beginning of a sleeve; I also have one of the fronts finished too, but that doesn't photograph so well. I'll be shortening the sleeves to three-quarter length, and I've lowered the neckline just a bit in addition to shortening the body length just a tad. So far I think it's looking pretty good. More details later!

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