Friday, January 2, 2009


...You didn't think it would be a sweater, did you?

I really don't do a lot of household type knitting (or crocheting) but I was leafing through Mason Dixon's Knitting Outside the Lines and saw this knitted towel. Now, I wash my hands quite a lot while cooking, and hesitate to use the same towel I use for dishes (cross contamination) or paper towels (expense, eco-unfriendly) for hand drying, so this little items seemed a good solution for my dilemma. Small size, sufficiently different from the dish towel to avoid "which one do I use" confusion, and quick to make. Problem solved!

And speaking of Knitting Outside the Lines -- I bought the book solely for the pea coat pattern (Yank) by Bonne Marie Burns. I'd really like to knit that one -- maybe a bit shorter than shown. Since I have no yarn that will suit (I know, I can't believe it either) it will have to wait a bit.

Meanwhile, there's a construction job to finish. Here's a peek:

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