Thursday, March 5, 2009


So, I'm knitting along with a very splitty yarn (Rowan lenpur linen) on 200+ stitches on a long (about 36") circular needle when suddenly I hear a "pop" and I find myself holding a needle tip and the cable is heading south with quite a few stitches merrily escaping. (Insert your favorite curse right here)

I can't express how sad I was at that moment. Splitty, slippery stitches falling hither and yon. A deep breath, another muttered curse, and slowly I recaptured the errant stitches and managed to fix several runs.

Sadder still was the realization that I could no longer trust these needles. I mean really -- the cable breaks (or pops out -- I really can't tell) the first time I use it? Not good, not good at all. And this was after having to super glue the wooden needle tip into its metal connector before I even started the project. Totally unrelated problems by the way -- this is an interchangeable needle set -- the cables are sold separately from the needle tips. So, first time use of the needles AND the cable and both have a problem. I had such high hopes for these needles -- such nice pointy tips, such a lovely flexible cable, such a reasonable price! I've heard the retailer is good about returns, but frankly I don't want to spend the postage to send them back only to receive a replacement that may also go the same way. Really, how can you trust them once they've strayed?

On a happier note, the Slinky Ribs top has found its way to Charlestown, MA -- give a little wave if you see it passing by this spring. I really hope it fits its intended recipient (victim?) because it's a cute little top. Stats: Silky Wool by Elsebeth Lavold, from the book Custom Knits.


Beverly said...

Oh, how terrible to have to go through all that! I am glad you were able to pick up all your hard work.

The top is very cute!

Marlene said...

Knitpicks will send you two new cables and a new set of tips without you having to send the old ones back. Just contact their customer service and explain the problems. Are these the first Knitpicks needles you have owned? I don't have a "set", but I do have most of the sizes, purchased individually. I have had some problems, but have had replacements sent without any hassle. I like them so much better than all other brands that I am willing to put up with a few issues. Once I get a needle that is "good" I have no further issues.

My biggest issue with Knitpicks is not being able to pop out to a local yarn store to pick them up as needed. Their postal rates on small orders is sometimes as much as the product itself!

Marlene said...

Forgot to mention. Mine aren't the wooden ones, they are the shiny metal ones. Love those flexible cords and pointy tips.

Karen said...

I have heard that the retailer is very good about replacement (didn't realize I wouldn't have to return them), but I think I'd always be afraid to use the longer cables -- picking up a few dropped stitches when you're working with wool -- not so bad. 200 slippery stitches? Well, let's just say I'm still having flashbacks! (laugh) I will contact them though -- they should know that they are still having 'issues'. I'm with you on the points (even the wooden ones) and the flexible cable -- wish all my needles had those features.