Sunday, May 24, 2009

Birthday Boy!

Now I'm 3.

How about a little color inspiration from the garden?

Lavender blue --

Cherry red --


Or maybe some fresh green?

It's amazing how much happiness you can get from a handful of sweet cherries from your own tree!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Hint of Pretty...

Tilli Tomas "Pure and Simple" silk -- Arts & Crafts colorway. Feels delightful as it runs through my fingers! Project details to be revealed later -- it's for someone else.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Rainy Day in MD

It's sheep, it's wool, it's MD Sheep & Wool!

(As always, click on an image for bigger)

Despite the overcast skies and intermittent rain, someone's out there stimulating the yarn economy -- my, what a full bag you have before the 9 AM opening!

A little dampness won't stop those determined "Socks That Rock" folks from lining up (also pre-9 AM)!

A fine flock of fellows wait for judging to begin --

Wet alpaca -- not so light and fluffy now, eh?

Who can resist a bunch of frisky kids?

There's always a black sheep in every group --

Awww, how cute are they?

And finally, for Brenda, who asked me to bring back a bunny -- here's a bunch!

Swag? Not too much. I went with no real shopping list in mind, and decided that I would not buy anything that was already in the stash. This limited me rather severely, but I did manage to find some super soft yak yarn. I'm hoping I have enough of the laceweight yarn to make a little lacy something for around the neck. It's naturally colored dark brown, so doesn't photograph very well, so use your imaginations! Besides, softness is it's calling card, and that photographs not at all. Add in some goat's milk soap, some local honey and a tomato plant, and you'd hardly know I was at a fiber festival. The long-suffering (in the souvenir tote bag/tee shirt line) spouse graciously shared some of his super delish funnel cake (it's his yearly bribe) so life -- in the rain -- was good.