Thursday, September 17, 2009

And I'm Back...

There now, that was a nice, relaxing break, but prime knitting/crocheting weather is approaching and it's time to get serious.

While away, I discovered a fun new yarn -- Color Changing Cotton from Wolle . Want to see what I made? Sure you do! First up, is a cute little shawlette -- Traveling Woman by Liz Abinante.

And then, with the leftover yarn -- a decorative little scarf from a Japanese accessory crochet book.

See how the yarn slowly changes color? (As always, click on the photos for bigger.) It's four strands of cotton that has one strand changing color at regular intervals, for a mesmerizing effect. Well, possibly I'm easily mesmerized (!) but it is fun to watch the changes happen.

The original scarf went off to the big city with one of the daughters, but I liked the effect so much that I'm now working on one for myself. Normally I hate to repeat patterns, so you can understand just how much I've enjoyed working with this yarn.

There's more to come -- including Adventures in Natural Dyeing -- whereby I tear up my yard looking for good candidates for the dye pot, so y'all come back!