Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bits and bobs

Little projects have ruled the day lately. Another pumpkin? Nope, it's Raspberry Beret from the Sept. 2009 issue of Crochet Today. Obviously not worked in any shade of raspberry, but rather in an eye-popping orange (Cascade Eco +). This one should be handy to let the local hunters know it's not a deer out for her morning stroll -- at least that's the plan. The very open stitches certainly won't provide a lot of warmth as the days turn colder, but if it keeps one arrow from zooming past my head...

The next little hat is from a ChicKnits pattern -- Shaker Rib Hat. It's quick and easy and toasty. I've previously knit one in Noro Kureyon, but this one is knit from some of my beginner handspun. The wool fiber is from a Cheviot sheep, and it's a natural, creamy white. The 2-ply yarn has all the "beginner spinner thick and thin" characteristics, but I think it works in the Shaker Rib stitch.

And lastly, the second wristwarmer (yes, the first one has been knit too!) from a pattern in a recent Piecework. The yarn is again a 2-ply handspun, this time in a fingering weight (and with fewer uneven bits!) from hand-dyed South African Fine fiber from The Vildish Twist etsy shop. The beautiful colors somewhat obscure the subtle lace patterning, but for me it's all about the orange love.