Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Lost Weekend

No, not the Ray Milland kind (classic movie reference), but rather hours of knitting time spent on a cardigan front band that turned out to be Just Not Right. My own fault entirely, but painful nonetheless. So, instead of a photo of a completed Chic Knits Cassidy, how about a couple of little knits heretofor unseen?

Basket Whip Cowl, a free pattern from Classic Elite yarns. Knit in Frog Tree Hollow alpaca.

Or how about Chic Knits Mondo Cable Cap? Knit in Mountain Colors Mountain Goat (I 'think' -- the label is long since gone), Ruby River colorway.

There was much more to show, however in a fit of computer housekeeping I seem to have deleted those shots. Why is it I'm never compelled to do actual house housekeeping?

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