Sunday, April 4, 2010

What a cutie!

From the bonny banks of Clyde (Kilbowie, Scotland) meet Ailsa -- a Singer 99K hand crank, 3/4 sized sewing machine. This wee lassie was 'born' sometime after August 1, 1927. How she made her way from Scotland to a dealer in Texas to a new home in central Virginia is anyone's guess. She's a smaller version of the Red Eye treadle seen here previously, but powered by hand rather than foot.

Mr. MinglingYarn is probably hoping that this concludes the collecting portion of my current mania -- especially given the state of his lower back -- but you just never know, do you?


swords said...
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Mary Sarah said...

This machine is great and looks likes it's in fantastic shape. Have fun sewing with it. I have a Singer Featherweight and I think it's from 1951. It's fun to sew with, but it's electric. I don't have to hand crank it. LOL!