Tuesday, May 18, 2010

And up...

Finally managed to get the little wall hanging quilt bound and mounted in the stairwell. (Thank you Mr. Mingling Yarn for great ladder work!) Colors may be a little off due to the lighting. This was pieced using the small hand crank sewing machine, and quilted using the larger Singer 66 Red Eye treadle. Nothing fancy, it's from a kit (Tonga Dimes from Keepsake Quilting), but I think it will brighten up the stairs just a bit. I downsized the quilt to fit the space, so I have a few blocks left over that will (eventually) become a pillow top.

It was a real pleasure to do the piecing on this -- almost makes me wish I were a 'real' quilter! Lots of control over the work, and it wasn't a problem at all to manipulate the fabric while turning the hand crank. I'm really enjoying that little machine.

The actual quilting was a little more challenging. For me, it was almost like patting your head while rubbing your tummy to get a smooth treadling motion going while guiding the quilt under the pressure foot. It's not too bad I think, but I did simple straight lines and perhaps not as many of those as I would have liked. Not sure if it's that visible, but here's a close up of the blocks -- (clicking makes bigger.)

And in the garden -- here's what we're harvesting now!


Mary Sarah said...

I love the wall hanging. The design and fabrics are great. The cherries look fantastic and delicious! Yum!

Elisabeth said...

Wow - that looks great! Really nice!!