Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Knock It Off!

So, I'm in a national clothing chain -- perhaps one named after the science of humankind -- and I see what I consider to be a cute, plaid skirt. Not being the target customer for this particular emporium, however, there are a few things about it that make it 'not quite' for my particular, oh, let's call it maturity.

All is not lost though for a woman with a sewing machine (or two), a yard of plaid, and New Look 6843. Trace off the front pattern piece -- draw a few curved tiers (don't forget to add those seam allowances!)breathe easily with a new, lower, thinner waistband, and voila:

Inspired by, but not a copy of, that cute, plaid skirt. Color me pleased.


Sophia said...

You're a sewing wizard! Some day I want to learn to sew so I can cleverly make my own perfect-fitting pieces. Some would say I still fit the particular demographic of said store, but as a sporting-goods clerk once so adroitly observed, my arms are absurdly long.

At least long-waisted t-shirts are still in fashion. If I ever hear they're going away, I'll have to stock up for the rest of my lifetime.

Karen said...

Sophia -- I have no doubt that you'll be a raging success if you take up sewing -- I say go for it!

Margaret said...

And, not surprisingly, it's your color!

Karen said...

Ha -- Margaret, you know I live in sunny Orangelandia!