Tuesday, January 25, 2011

At long last -- Falkenberg!

Started back in the beginning of November, it's taken me until mid-January to finish -- whew!

Stats: Donna, a Hanne Falkenberg design in colorway 6. Shetland wool knit with size 2 needles. Knit in size L, and shown without (optional) buttons.

I'm thinking I could have knit this one a bit smaller -- it's not greatly over sized, but I think it would look better with a closer-to-the-body look. One thing I'll change will be to put the button loops and buttons on it to give it a more pulled in look. All in all, I'm pleased, but looking forward to starting something just a bit quicker!


Sophia said...

Size two needles! Goodness gracious. But it came out lovely, I hope it comes to knit night sometime so I can see it up close.

Mary Sarah said...

It's gorgeous!! Love the color! What a great job and I never would get it done that fast!