Sunday, February 13, 2011

Be Mine, Valentine

I think I must have one of the sweetest valentines ever -- not only does he put up with my obsessive vintage machine collecting, he actually goes out of his way to enable it. Introducing the newest member of the vintage machine family --

That little darling is a Singer 221 -- otherwise known as a Featherweight. Such a cutie, and it's in beautiful condition. Well, that is the finish is in good condition -- there was a nasty tangle of thread in the bobbin area, and it will need de-linting. It kind of makes me wonder if it looks so little used because someone made a mess of threading/bobbin winding/or somesuch and just gave up on it, as it would seem that a machine of 1953 vintage should have signs of a bit more wear and tear. Not to complain though -- I'm quite happy it looks (and stitches now) as good as it does. Thank you, Mr. Minglingyarn!

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Mary Sarah said...

Congratulations! I have a Featherweight and I love it. I love seeing your collection.