Friday, March 4, 2011

Handy Dandy Hook Holder

We've been veering heavily to the sewing side lately -- how about an (almost) crochet drive-by?

OK, OK, I'm just messin' with you -- it's still sewing, but for crochet -- hooks, that is! Sometimes you just need something better for your nifty Etimo hooks than a $1 pencil case from the Mega Retailer that Everyone Loves to Hate. This one is just a prototype -- there are a few little details that need to be tweaked -- but so far it seems to be doing what needs to be done.

All folded up it just takes up 5" x 6.25" of space, so it fits nicely in the knitting/crochet project bag. This one only has 8 usable spaces for hooks (one is kept empty for ease in folding), but since I only have 8 Etimo hooks... I may make one a little wider to hold all my Clover hooks, however the small size of this one has its charms.

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