Sunday, April 17, 2011

From Deep Within the Stash...

...some yarn from Canaan Mohair purchased at Stitches East, more years ago than I can remember, but back when the event was still being held near Valley Forge, PA -- and probably before there even was a Stitches Midwest, West or South! Knit up into a simple cardigan from Cocoknits pattern called "Marta". Don't see it listed on the website any longer, but I believe there are a few shown on Ravelry if anyone is into 'compare and contrast'. The only real change to the pattern was an I-cord edging added to the front edges. This added a tiny bit of width and enabled me to have a buttonhole/button.

Now, what will be the next lucky stash dweller plucked from the depths and turned into knitted (or crocheted) goods?

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Mary Sarah said...

Your sweater is beautiful! I love it!