Saturday, May 7, 2011

MD Sheep and Wool Festival

A few random photos, then a few random thoughts...

Some things stay the same -- there are always cute animals:

And there are always crowds waiting to buy the latest Festival tee shirt or tote bag!

So, what's new? Well, I think the sign at the top of the post is new -- and the donation barrels are certainly new. This year the festival organizers are asking folks for a small donation to help with the costs -- seems eminently fair, all things considered. Also new -- a slightly different layout for the outside vendors -- seems more spacious to me.

The weather was absolutely glorious -- especially early in the day. Cool enough to enjoy walking about -- but not so cool as to be uncomfortable. Once again, Mr. Minglingyarn was an expert "line waiter/tote bag purchaser", giving him ample opportunity to schmooze with all those poor unfortunates who have to wait in line themselves. He was duly rewarded with some most excellent funnel cake, so please don't feel sorry for him! Besides, I rather think he enjoys all that (mostly) female attention!

Meanwhile, I was able to zoom through the barns and exhibition buildings. Luckily, I was even able to make about half of my purchases before the official starting time of 9 AM. Power shopping!

Actually, only a few things made the trip home with us -- some lovely Gita Maria shawl pins, Suffolk/Dorset sock yarn from the folks at Solitude Wool, some goats milk soap, honey and a couple of heirloom tomato plants. The usual line at The Fold (for Socks That Rock yarn) seemed shorter this year, but wow -- the line for those Signature knitting needles was crazy long. Some of you have definitely been saving up! All in all, a very pleasant way to spend a Saturday!

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Isdihara said...

I am heading out to Sheep and Wool tomorrow AM for a Mother's Day outing. So glad to read your post before heading to bed!