Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A little more crochet

So, I seem to be on a crochet kick -- not surprising, it seems to happen every summer. There's just something about quick to work, lacy designs that goes so well with the warmer weather!

This is a Doris Chan design -- "Leaves of Summer Vest" -- from the current (July 2011) issue of Crochet! magazine. The pattern calls for Tahki Cotton Classic Lite yarn, which is something I'd like to try at some point, however I went with a slightly heavier cotton from the stash -- La Spezia, by Schoeller+Stahl. La Spezia is a 100% cotton yarn with 115 meters per 50 gr. ball. It has a cabled construction (refers to how the yarn is plyed; Google 'cabled yarn' for further explanation) which gives it a slightly textured look when worked up. I'm really happy with the stitch definition when crocheted. Kind of makes me wish I'd stashed a few more colors of this yarn!

The finished length of the design is a bit shorter than I'd normally do, and I have a bit of a dilemma about the under layer -- in the magazine it's styled with the camisole extending beyond the vest's edging (and looks quite nice on the young, attractive model!), but for some reason I keep wanting to tuck in that layer. We'll see how it feels as I wear it.

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Carol said...

I bookmarked that pattern to try. Glad you showed us yours. I think its a great pattern and really like the shorter length. I'm having a hard time buying clothes lately.. they all seem to be designed for the long slim look.