Friday, July 15, 2011

September Morn

Nope, it's still July, but here's another Doris Chan design - September Morn - a quick and easy little topper just right for layering over those summer tank tops. Crocheted in a very vintage stash yarn (yay, using stash yarn!) called Silky Look DK by Sirdar. And yes, that just might be a little advertising hype - Silky Look - um, no -- it looks perfectly fine, but bears little resemblance to silk. Pattern calls for Cotton Classic lite (light?), which makes perfect sense as it's from Tahki, but using a slightly heavier yarn seemed to do OK, and -- bonus points -- I was able to make a smaller size.

Onward towards autumn -- next up, from Knitscene magazine (Winter/Spring 2011) Papeline Pullover knit in Rowan Calmer -- now there's a yarn that lives up to its name! Details later, along with more Australian pattern fun!


Sophia said...

If only it were September!

Lovely piece. Perfect for warding off the bizarre AC chill in Panera (though the last two days have been nice enough for me to consider clothes with actual sleeves; we'll see if today goes that way, too!).

Karen said...

You're too funny Sophia -- but, as long as Louise keeps bringing in those cute hoodies you should be OK in frosty Panera-land!