Thursday, October 6, 2011

Style Arc Ronnie Wrap top

The 'virtual Australia' sewing tour continues, this time with the Style Arc Ronnie Wrap top. I had seen another blogger's version of this, and thought it looked really nice, so even though a little voice in my head said "maybe it's not the look for you" I went ahead and made it up. I've really got to start paying more attention to those voices!

Let me be clear -- there is absolutely nothing wrong with the pattern itself. It's (as usual for Style Arc) beautifully drafted, goes together easily, and fits very well indeed. It's just not something that I feel comfortable in. I like to just get dressed and then forget about what I'm wearing, and with this low wrap I know I would be forever fidgeting with how it lays, how it overlaps, and that would drive me nuts! I'm hoping that I can re-do the front pattern piece and keep the shoulder gathers -- which I like -- but make it a single layer scoop neck tee. We'll see how that plan works out. I also think the deep cuffs are a cute detail -- oh, how I wanted to love this one! Sometimes though, you have to know yourself well enough to let go and head on to the next possibility.


Sew-4-Fun said...

Nice looking top! I understand what you mean about arranging and adjusting your clothes all day and it being annoying. I'm wondering though if in this case it's fabric choice because I don't have to arrange my Ronnie Wrap. I rarely touch mine during the day which is something I like about it. Anyway I find it intriguing and interesting how the same pattern can be so different, which is something I love about sharing sewing with others.

Karen said...

You may be on to something -- IIRC your Ronnie was sewn with a lovely wool knit? This one is done in a 'very' stretchy, clingy rayon/Lycra. It's not a tragic failure in any case, but more like a top that just won't see too much wear.