Monday, July 30, 2012

At Long Last, a Knitting FO

The City Cardigan is finally done.  And now it comes back to me why I don't like to hand knit cotton yarn.  Cotton yarn with big rayon slubs.  Cotton yarn with big rayon slubs that also splits like crazy -- you get the picture.

As mentioned previously, I changed a few things.  I'm happy with the way the collar/neckband looks by not picking up the band stitches as directed in the pattern -- much neater.  I'm also glad that I moved the shoulder line in (maybe about 2 inches?), as this pattern is quite wide in the shoulders -- and I'm not.  Changing the three buttons to one large one?  That change I'm not so sure was my best bet.  But, it's done now, and I won't be ripping out and re-doing that.  One change I wish I had made but didn't would be reducing the depth of the armhole.  I don't need the extra room there, and I think it makes the sleeve too large.  I was happy to have added extra length to the body.  I also added short row bust shaping in the fronts, and while I'm glad I did, I may have added one set too many.  I really need to re-think just how much extra to add now that I've lost a little weight.  All in all, I'm pleased with the final result, but as always is the case -- it could be better.  But it's done, and I'm moving on -- time to start thinking autumn, no?


shams said...

I had to enlarge the pic to really see the sweater. It is really beautiful!! And I love that color. Though I really hear you on knitting cotton yarn.

K.Line said...

What a gorgeous colour! You see what I mean about the pattern fitting large!? But it's such a practical shape. I wear the second version (the one modified in size) more than any other handknit item I've got.

Anna said...

That sweater is FABULOUS and you wear it well! Hello, btw, from me, Anna, Sophia's mother-in-law; enjoying popping in on your blog.