Sunday, July 22, 2012

NOW it's summer...

...and this is what Mr. Mingling Yarn waits for all year.  Those first luscious tomatoes from the garden made up into his favorite no-cook pasta sauce. 

It's been a while since I've posted the recipe, so here's a LINK.  It's tasty, it's easy, and did I mention?  It's no cook!  Well, you do need to cook the pasta -- but I'll bet you could sweet talk someone in your house to do that for you; I know I sure can.

Addendum:  Carol mentions in comments that her hubby prefers a meat sauce.  While I wouldn't add meat to this one, I do have a favorite cooked sauce that could take on some meat quite nicely.  It's an Alton Brown recipe for ROASTED TOMATO SAUCE.  If I were to make this for a carnivore, I would saute up some Italian sausage (or ground meat, whatever), drain it, then return it to the pan and add the sauce to cook for that last 5 minutes the recipe calls for.  Easy.  Confession time:  I love this roasted tomato sauce and even planted plum tomatoes so I can make it more often.  However, I take the easy way out and just puree the cooked veggies in the food processor, not a food mill.  I'm sure it's more elegant milled and skins removed, but hey, we need that extra fiber!  Also, this works just as well with a smaller number of tomatoes -- just adjust your oil amount (they need to be nicely coated, not swimming in it) and likewise the onions, etc. 

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I make a sauce similar to yours, but just for me because my hubs likes meat sauce...cooked...not me!!