Saturday, July 28, 2012

Such a Cutie!

Apparently I've developed a bit of a reputation as a collector of vintage sewing machines -- I can't imagine why.  So, when local Fiber Diva Extraordinaire Margaret was looking to declutter when knee-deep in home renovations, she asked if I'd like to provide a home to the little toy Singer pictured.  Would I?  The Mingling Yarn Home for Wayward Vintage Machines is always open!

She joins another little vintage toy Singer that I had found in an antique mall in Cape Cod, and after a little cleaning and oiling, has settled in just fine.  I was even able to get her to stitch for a bit, which I had never accomplished with the other machine. 

Not sure on the age of either machine -- their bodies are the same, although there are slight differences in the seam guide and tensioning parts.  I had thought the first machine was probably from the 50's, so perhaps this new one is too.  In any event, she's a welcome addition to sewing room decor -- thanks Margaret!

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