Monday, October 1, 2012

Sewing, knitting...

...just not writing -- it happens.

Took a 4-day workshop recently with Peggy Sagers of Silhouette Patterns.  We concentrated on fitting (and hopefully making) a basic pair of pants and a jacket.  Before arriving we were to make a muslin of both items, and our adjusted, fitted muslin would then serve as our pattern.  It was fascinating to see the results that our group achieved, and amazing to see demonstrated just how important proper fit is to the appearance of our garments.  Peggy certainly knows how to fit!  Hopefully my own pair will debut at some point -- they are still awaiting waistband application, and hemming. 

StyleArc Becky
Lots of other sewing being done -- but no photos of most, and how boring is it to just talk about and not show?  Here's one thing though -- a pair of StyleArc (Becky) yoga pants.  The fabric is a Slinky knit.  A nice, simple-to-sew casual basic. 

Also completed - Pamela's Patterns Magic Pencil skirt.  Whoa!  So easy they practically make themselves.  Made two to check the fit before cutting into a nice wool doubleknit.  If you like that style definitely worth checking out.  Two Giorgio tops from Silhouette Patterns (that's one of them in the Becky photo - lengthened to tunic length.)  A pair of Kwik Sew leggings made from an interesting (slightly fuzzy) doubleknit from Fabric Mart.  And, last but not least, a cowl collared knit top (Ann) also from Silhouette Patterns.  But no photos yet -- what a shame.

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